Star Wars Rebellion Board Game Review

star wars rebellion

If you’re a diehard Star Wars fan or know someone who is, you’d know how much excitement this franchise causes. Star Wars has it all: the classic heroes, the villains, and the legendary twist near the end. However, it can be difficult for a Star Wars fan to find something new about this world. There are movies coming out, but is there something to do in the meantime?

Fortunately, nothing popular can stay isolated for too long. Hence, fun games like the Star Wars: Rebellion board game have come out. Not only can this game relieve the boredom of a long day, but it also serves to bring Star Wars fans together. A board game is an excellent method of family bonding, especially when there are a few geeks in the mix. Thus, Star Wars: Rebellion is an excellent gift for anyone interested in the Galactic Empire.

A Conflict to Remember

In this game, the players are in control of either the good side or the bad one. They have to launch starships and direct troops and focus on the best battle strategy for their victory. There are so many plastic figures that the game itself can be a collector’s item. The potential of the game has a lot to offer to anyone who loves Star Wars or board games.

In Star Wars: Rebellion, you get access to 32 notable star systems from the Star Wars galaxy. Its scope is as large as any Star Wars game before it.


star wars rebellion

A Day of Fun and Learning

Star Wars: Rebellion is about understanding your own strengths and making them work for you. It shows you how even one person can change the galaxy. This could help the players actually learn something about themselves and their favorite movie and books franchise while they’re at it

In a way, this board game is even better than a video game based on the same world. There’s nothing like a board game for interactive playing where you learn from yourself as well as the other players.

Product Specifications

  • This game is not suitable for children under three years of age.
  • This game is meant for two to four players, ideally 14+ years old.
  • There are around a hundred and fifty plastic miniatures in this game.
  • The playing time for this game is roughly two to four hours.
  • The dimensions of this item are 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 5.2″.
  • This item weighs around 3.75 lbs.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

There are several customer reviews online which allow you to gauge the popularity of this game. Satisfied customers have talked about how this game is as close as it can get to the Star Wars franchise. It is said to be asymmetrical, which is appreciated by the players. The heroes and villains are said to be playing different games, which keeps the interest alive.

This game is, hence, highly recommended for fans of Star Wars and anyone who likes a good, in-depth board game. Not only are its mechanics attractive, but the theme also remains loyal to its source.