Spirit Island: Game Review

If you love board games and follow news about board games then for sure, you must have heard the name of Spirit Island. There surely is a high level of hype around Spirit Island. However, we were late and somehow it dodged our radar. But after knowing about its existence and the hype that this board game has created, we decided to give it a try. Believe us we were convinced easily that it is a great board game. After three plays we decided to pour our thoughts in the form and words.

Before moving on to the Spirit Island board game, we would like to mention here that this game will kill the Pandemic board game. In simple terms, most of the people will prefer buying Spirit Island over the option of buying Pandemic. Some might also agree to sell Pandemic from their collection for buying Spirit Island. Well, we are sure that though most of the people will go for Spirit Island, but few will prefer Pandemic. However, we agree with the statement that Spirit Island is better than Pandemic.

spirit island

In this very game, you will have to defend your island from the colonizing invaders. Players in this game will take the role of spirits of the land, and everyone will have unique elemental powers. Every turn players will have to choose which of their power cards they would like to play, paying energy in return for doing so. You should know that faster cards are an ideal option for stopping invaders from settling on your land and breaking havoc in your home island, but there are other magic cards that need planning and forethought for giving the required result.

The invaders follow a semi-predictable pattern and expand anywhere across the island. They will explore in on some lands and after that will build in those lands and then they ravage there. The powers can help you protect your home island, but sometimes they don’t do what you hoped, therefore, consider evaluating all the options for better understanding.

If you have a thing for board games that demands single-mindedness and appreciates momentum, then you should consider buying this board game. Well, Spirit Island is an interesting game that you will surely enjoy. The only thing that will act as a turn down is the rule book. The rulebook that you get in the box is 32 pages long!

spirit island.

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