Sheriff of Nottingham Review

sherriff of nottingham

Today’s generation may be obsessed with video games, but board games have their own classic and timeless appeal. However, it does take quite a lot to interest every family member in the house.

Since video and even phone games require so much strategy, traditional board games just don’t cut it anymore. Kids today want something with a bit more cunning and skill than simply rolling a dice and moving counters. They want to have a game where their minds can come in handy instead of just dumb luck.

This void is just what the Sheriff of Nottingham board game seeks to fill. Arcane Wonders has now launched its new line of Dice Tower Essentials board games, and this is the first one. Great for a gift or a family game night, the Sheriff of Nottingham is sure to give any family or group of friends hours of fun and laughter!

A Humorous Learning Experience

There is a lot of second-guessing and quick thinking required in this board game. As a result, family members can have a great time laughing and bonding with each other throughout their play. There is also much enjoyment to be gained from the thrill of smuggling goods, bluffing about what goods you have, and possibly bribing someone to let you through.

Of course, this game also teaches you to think about telling the truth in order to get what you deserve. Everyone can have a turn at being the sheriff, which could again collect a lot of laughs as each player gets their revenge.

sheriff of nottingham

Calling for Cleverness

The Sheriff of Nottingham calls for a decent amount of bluffing, negotiating skills, and even bribery. This challenges the mind and keeps everyone guessing, engaged, and interested until the last turn. Players essentially play the role of the sheriff of Nottingham or a merchant.

The merchants have to smuggle illegal as well as legal goods into Nottingham, avoiding the sheriff’s inspection along the way. This is a fun way to challenge unfair laws.

Product Specifications

  • This game is the first in the Dice Towers Essential line of board games.
  • It has small parts and is not suitable for children under three.
  • The playing time of this board game is an hour.
  • Three to five players can play this game.
  • It is best suited for ages fourteen and older.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

There are several reviews about this board game, and most of them are positive. The Sheriff of Nottingham has allowed many diehard players to develop their strategizing skills and have fun at the same time.

The game is also reviewed as being easy to learn and fun to play again and again. Many customers even say that children younger than the recommended age would be able to easily grasp and enjoy it.

You may be concerned about the price of this game, but those who have used it confirm that the game is well worth the cost. It is recommended for gifting to children and adults alike. It is sure to provide a lot of learning and enjoyment to everyone who plays it.

sheriff of nottingham