Must Have Strategy Board Games

So what are the current must have strategy board games? Lets’ take a look at the most popular ones we are playing right now.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn – Fantasy Flight Games

Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn strategy board game

If you’ve ever played the video game version of Civilization, and you’re a fan of strategy board games, then you may want to check out Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn. Coming at you from the creators of Twilight Imperium, Fantasy Flight’s attention to detail, and their ability to create an in-depth board game never fails.

The overall playtime can last anywhere from one to two hours, but I’ve seen it last closer to two hours most of the time. Based on the series of video games, you’ll be able to physically immerse yourself in the world of Civilization. In this turn-based board game that uses heavy strategy, you’ll have to become a powerful leader and build power.

The primary objective of this strategy board game is to successfully build, trade, and then advance to lead your civilization to victory and all of the glory that comes with. Personally, I think it’s extremely fun, and it’s great for anyone ages 14 and up – or those willing to learn a bit of rules behind the game. The game comes with an agenda on the card, and once you’ve completed said agenda, you win!

There are different types of cards in the game, including:

  • Economy
  • Culture
  • Science
  • Military

As well as locations:

  • Sumeria
  • France
  • Aztec
  • America
  • Egypt

If you’re someone who doesn’t like a mid-length setup time, and don’t want to dive too far into strategy, you may want to skip this board game all-together, or try dabbling into this specific niche with the video games first. There are a lot of pieces within this game, and if you have all four people playing, there’s going to be a lot of tabletop chaos.

Use resources, populate the map, and formulate a strategy to concur the undiscovered countries and rise to victory.

How To Play Sid Meier’s New Dawn – A Video Guide

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition – Fantasy Flight Games


Twilight Imperium strategy board game

If you’re a fan of Fantasy Flight games, but haven’t tried Twilight Imperium – you’re missing out. An action-packed strategy board game filled to the brim with tasks to accomplish, you and your friends will dive deep into the world of Twilight Imperium.

Don’t like long games? You will most definitely want to skip this, as I’ve seen this game last over 5 hours, personally. In fact, the time length that Twilight Imperium’s description states is 8 hours, and anyone over 14 can play it – although I don’t know too many 14-year old kids willing to sacrifice 8 hours on this type of game; video games, maybe.

Of course, the more people you have, the longer it will take. The maximum players you can have in one game is six, and trust us – that will take a long time. It may take hours just to get past everyone’s turn in the group! We aren’t exaggerating. There are factions within the game that allows you to play different experiences each time, and there isn’t one game that’s alike! There are over 50 galaxy tiles, and you’ll have to use one of seventeen races to get to victory. Master economics and the trade to blast through the galaxy and become the masters.

There’s a lot of chaos that happens with your table and the “board” as it’s pretty much tiles and little pieces everywhere that represent different factions, “people”, abilities, and more. If you don’t have much room to spare, this may not be your next purchase; however, if you’re already a fan of Twilight Imperium – the new edition just came out on their website less than 2 months ago!

Personally, I love this strategy board game, but I understand that it may be too much for others. If you like management, politics, and ruling the galaxy, then this game is for you.


How To Play Twilight Imperium – A Video Guide

The Resistance Avalon Card Game – Indie Boards & Cards

The Resistance Avalon strategy board game

Those who like card games or those of the sort will like this interactive game specific for parties. For groups of 5 to 10 players, this strategy board game has a playtime of around 30 minutes. It’s a stand-alone game, so you won’t need any expansions to continue onwards, and anyone ages 13 and up can play.

Some of the features of this game include being an upgraded version of the original: The Resistance. This time, you’ll have upgrades for tokens in which you track players and vote on missions (or quests). The original wasn’t medieval, but this one is; so, if you’re interested in that ambiance, you’ll love this game! The game includes 6 tableaus, and has beautiful illustrations.

There are new roles and mechanics to amplify the resistance, and each goal is different based on the class you are. No one in the game knows what you are, and vice versa, and you shouldn’t trust just everyone! A game that runs on secrets, if you like being secretive and want something that’s quick to learn and quick to play – especially with big party groups, then you’ll want to dive into the world of Avalon and possibly join the resistance.

I think it’s a great way to have fun amongst your friends, especially in larger groups, and learn to see if your friends are good at calling a bluff! Troll your friends or genuinely make them believe what you are. Beyond this, if you liked the original and want more characters to play, we highly suggest the new stand alone version, Avalon. This package actually contains the original and adds more of its own rules. It’s much more interesting than its predecessor, to be honest!

While having five players is great, those who have at least seven players will have an absolute blast with this masterpiece.

 How to play The Resistance: Avalon: A video guide


Blood Rage Board Game

Blood Rage strategy board game

If you love the world of brutal Vikings, and want to oversee a clan’s warriors, along with becoming a leader, you’ll want to dive into the world of Blood Rage the Board Game, manufactured by CoolMiniOrNot.

The lore of the game includes the Viking’s very last chance to go down in a fight of glory to secure their seat in Valhalla, next to their holy one – Odin. Those that are into the Viking lore will enjoy the inclusion of Odin, Ragnarok, and accepting the end of the world.

With gorgeous illustrations that are masculine, brutal, and raging, you’ll be able to manage and control to be the best and earn the praise of Odin by getting a seat next to him in Valhalla – Viking heaven. This game is incredibly strategic, and even if you’re someone who’s more casual, you can still enjoy this gameplay.

In this strategy board game, you’ll choose strategies and create during the draft phase, then adapting to the strategies of your opponents in the action phase of the game. There are cards that are in “secret” which may further determine battles, and take you out from under your feet. When you observe your opponent’s actions, and praise towards particular Gods, you’ll be able to predict their next move and take them out accordingly. For example:

  • Thor gives more glory when you win in battle
  • Heimdall grants you surprise and foresight
  • Tyr gives you strength during battle
  • Loki rewards you when you lose because he’s a prankster!

Just because it is a strategy board game, doesn’t mean it’s not fast-paced! Despite the different phases of the game, the turns go by pretty quick, and hopefully you’ll be able to earn the respect of Odin and move into your seat in Valhalla when Ragnarok swallows your land. The miniatures in this game are incredibly detailed, and the artwork is stunning.


How to play Blood Rage – A Video Guide


Captain SONAR Board Game

Captain SONAR strategy board game

This game isn’t for the weak-hearted, and it’s quite chaotic. A fantastic strategy board game that’s action-packed, and not for those that want something super casual, this game requires you to work in teams. Those that have parties of 6 to 8 players will work best, and you must frantically try to locate where your opponent’s submarine is.

You each play as a crew member, and have your own mini-game going on at the same time, even though you’re working on one main objective the entirety of the game. When we said it’s chaotic – we meant it! You all have your own responsibilities, much like you do in real life – especially if you were in this position, and you must be clever, while working alongside your teammates!

Each game you play comes with a different outcome, so if you want something with great replay value, this is the game for you! It’s a real-time strategy game that’s heavily based on co-operatively play. Without, you’ll lose, and your enemies will become victorious! In this game, the chaotic mode is noted as “simultaneous mode” for the most action possible, with everyone getting tasks while they’re working on the primary objective.

The board stands up on the table and separates the teams, so the other team can’t see your documents and what you’re working on. In short, this is basically like a way cooler Battleship, and 10x more fun! Beyond this, the game also has minimal cleanup, and you don’t have to worry about a million pieces being spread out, or losing any major pieces that are super small.

There are no electronic parts to this game, and the material that the board is made of is cardboard. The primary language is French, but you can bypass this by going to the manufacturer’s site and downloading the English PDF!

How to play Captain Sonar – a Video Guide


Scythe Board Game

Scythe strategy board game

Manufactured by Stonemaier Games, Scythe the Board Game is one that is capable of being played solo, or with a group of five people. If you don’t like long games, you’ll want to knock this off your list, but for those that are intrigued, you can get almost 2 hours of playtime out of this! For ages 14 and up, this game requires you to become part of a faction from Eastern Europa, and attempt to earn money and claim the stake in the land.

Beyond this, you’ll be able to conquer territory, enlist new recruits into your plan, take and gain villagers, and much more. It’s great for those who are bored by themselves, but even more fun when there is a group involved. It’s worth noting that each faction starts in the same area, so no one will have an advantage over one or the other. Each game, you’ll have a different starting location, though, and there will be a hidden goal in each game.

Because of the minis that are included, we don’t recommend playing this around pets or young children; however, once the kids are in bed and the dogs are in the crate, all bets are off! Enjoy this game with a group of friends late at night, or enjoy the alternate universe in the 1920’s by yourself after a long day of work. This is not only fun, but entertaining for a decent amount of time.

The gameplay is a type of action-selection method that ensures each turn and overall gameplay isn’t taking too long. There is minimal downtime between turns, as well, and there is a ton of conflict to jump right into. Since there is no elimination methods for players, and you don’t have to engage in conflict if you don’t seek it.

How to play Scythe – A video guide


Hope you enjoyed our guide to our favorite strategy board games and have fun playing!