Keyper: Game Review

Keyper is the new board game in the line of “key” games such as Keymarket, Keyflower, and Keythedral. This pastel shaded, meeple-heavy and resource management game designed by designer Richard Breese is one of the best board games available on the market. We had the opportunity to try this board game and here we are with our thoughts about “Keyper.”

After opening the box and having a look at the components the first thing that came in our mind was “Hell, there are lots of components!” there are eight animals, six resources, three gems and there is also wheat. In total there are 36 meeples and numerous tiles and believe us all components are of premium quality. Well, the biggest shock that came to use was because of the board that came from inside of the box. You must be aware of the fact that Keyper is a worker placement game and in this board game, you will get two boards. Well, the thing special about these boards is that these game boards are foldable. Folding boards are not only durable and sturdy but folding these boards is easy and natural. The folding board was insane, and the best part of this folding bard was that it has a purpose as the folding board changes the available options right between the round depicting the change of seasons.

The only thing that let down this board game was the terminology and iconography on the Keyper board. You too would notice that there are numerous icons on every tile, but the meaning of those icons is not very clear and in addition to that icons are also not always consistent. Now let’s talk about the rules. In reality, the rules of Keyper board game are quite simple and very easy to understand. You might find the rulebook provided in the box a bit confusing, but after 10 to 15 minutes playing this game, all doubts about the rules will be cleared. There are certain fiddly rules that you will need to keep in mind for increasing the chance of winning the game.

Keyper is a board game that is loyal to its “Key” heritage that too while being a unique game. This game is a bit friendlier and a bit less competitive. This can be either good or bad for you as per your requirements in a board game. But if you will rate this game solely on entertainment basis then Keyper can be regarded as a great board game.


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