Ethnos Board Game Review


In today’s world of distractions with technology, games have surfaced to the top as the leading source of distraction. This can only be caused when any game has such an appeal that it forces the consumer to play it again and again. One such game known as Ethnos has emerged and has drawn attention toward itself.

The game works on the basis of ascending to dominance. To be able to win, the players have to acquire victory points which are awarded by gaining and maintaining control over land areas and having a band of warriors to be able to acquire land areas and other bonus points. During the game, players also have an option of taking a card or playing a band. A band is basically a set of cards of the same tribe or same color.


A Mix of Race Powers

The board game is designed in such a way that it enforces interaction between fantasy tribe leaders to help acquire land and solve other issues. In the game, the land of Ethnos consists of twelve fantasy tribe leaders and the rules imply that in each game, players are supposed to choose six of them and create a deck. The cards of the game come in six colors, which match the regions of Ethnos.

To win the game, there is a need to acquire land for which the players will recruit anyone from giants to Halflings to make a simple game into a mind-numbingly clever one.

Its Art

The era of board games has passed where every component starting from the packaging of the game to the instruction manual played an important role in increasing consumer appeal and satisfaction. However, the Ethnos board game has tried to somehow reinvent what previous board games of the same type looked like and bring that same appeal to its platform. The box art of Ethnos looks like it belongs on the cover of a 70s rock album. While such a thing is not appreciated anymore, this box art has still attracted consumers who have had previous experiences of playing board games.

Product Specifications

  • Ethnos can be played by 2-6 players at a time.
  • It usually takes about 60 minutes to play it.
  • The cards come in 6 colors.
  • The dragons in the game cards are allotted special powers to end the game.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

It can be very evidently said that while the game holds positive points like the art on the box, it does not include any concept of shock and mystery for the player in the sense that at no point in the game will the players be taken by complete surprise or would have to revise their already planned strategies. The game is easy to learn, easy to teach and easy to play.