Clans of Caledonia: Game Review

clans of caledonia

Karma and Juma Al-JouJou games have launched their new game Clans of Caledonia in the market, and a number of people think that Green Deal and Clans of Caledonia are very similar board games. But in reality, Clans of Caledonia is a different game as compared to Green is true that both of these games can be categorized as heavier games that too with strong economic component but this is the only similarity between these two games. You will be placed in Scottish Highlands somewhere in the 19th century rather than being inside a modern office.

In reality Clans of Caledonia is the purest form of Euro game that you will find in the market. A little randomness, no dice, and this game require only and the only strategy for winning. Your task in this very game will be very simple, and that will be selling the clan’s goods overseas in order to earn money and also export goods for scoring points in the game for winning the game.  If you think that the game is that simple then we would like to inform you that you are wrong, you should know this fact that Clans of Caledonia has earned the classification of being a medium euro board game and that is because of the presence of a variety of other aspects in the game. It will be wrong to say that Clans of Caledonia is a worker placement game as in reality it is an economic game coupled with some other elements.

You will have to take charge of any one of the clans, each of the clan will have their own unique talent, and you’ll be needed to form a strategy around that very benefit. Some age whiskey, others make butter and so on. All the players in the game will have the capability of creating facilities that will be providing the resource.

We know that the description of the game above is unclear but this because of the freedom that this game offers its players to do anything that too at any time. Thus, describing the manner in which the game flows is a bit difficult. This means that while playing this board game you will have a clear idea about your options, but you won’t be sure whether it will benefit you in the game afterward for sure or not. If you are a euro board game fan, then you should buy Clans of Caledonia without wasting time.


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