Anachrony: Game Review

Anachrony is set in the 26th century, and in this time phase, planet earth and the planet earth is recovering from the havoc that was caused by devastating explosion years back. You will be acting as the leader of one of the four paths, and the capital will be trusting in you in order to give your planet a second chance to avoid a similar catastrophe. Your main motive in this very goal will be to make the capital believe that the strategy that your path is following is the ultimate one and that should be inhibited in order to ensure the survival of humans on planet earth that too in the harsh condition and challenges. The demon standing in your way will be the asteroid which is headed towards earth and is capable of causing a powerful explosion same as the one that occurred centuries ago. Evacuate the capital, gather resources, and travel in time in order to save the human race. If you succeed in your endeavors, you will be able to save the human race from the extinction.


It was the summary of the game now let’s talk about the gameplay of this beautifully designed board game, now let’s take a look at the gameplay. It is a four-player board game, and each player at the starting of the game will have to choose a patch that they would be leading throughout the game and the four paths are dominance, harmony, salvation, and progress. After that, players will have to take their tokens for the path, leader cards, player board and respective exosuits. Players will also have to decide whether they would like to play from the A or B side of the player boards and the resources of that the player will have will be indicated by the leader player board.

We have no more words for this game. If you would ask us to describe this board game in a single word, then we would utter only one word, and that will be “Awesome.” We are sure that after buying this game you will love everything about this game as we do. The back story is too good, and after knowing all about it, you will feel immersed in this virtual universe. If you have a thing for worker placement board games, then consider buying this one without any delay


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